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Job Opportunity: Communications Manager and liaison for the Coastal Resources Center, URI
Application Deadline: February 9, 2013

Serve as the communications manager and liaison for the Coastal Resources Center (CRC). Responsibilities include keeping key CRC stakeholders, including but not limited to the public, donors, coastal and marine policy-makers and practitioners, press agencies, and other key audiences updated on CRC projects and initiatives. Write and/or edit copy for the CRC website and other “corporate” documents including the Center’s Prospectus and other marketing and outreach materials; author and/or edit program success stories, publications, news editorials, newsletters; and edit program proposals and program technical reports as needed. Coordinate with other CRC staff tasked with providing communications services for their program/projects. Also serve as a mentor and communications liaison with program communications specialists in CRC program field offices in developing countries. Some international travel, limited to 4 weeks per year, required.

Application info on the URI human resources site at


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University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras Campus IGERT Program: Natural-Human Systems in the Urbanizing Tropics

Description: The NSF-funded IGERT program at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras aims to train Ph.D. students to develop interdisciplinary and collaborative research for environmental problems in urbanizing, tropical landscapes. Puerto Rico has had a dynamic environmental history, suffering nearly complete deforestation, then enjoying forest recovery, and then experiencing urban sprawl as the economy modernized. This last shift produced environmental problems, overlaid by changes in climate and vulnerability to catastrophic storms, making Puerto Rico an ideal place to conduct integrative research. IGERT research can focus on many topics involving environmental themes in the urbanized tropics such as climate, water, food security, renewable energy, waste management, biodiversity, and urban system services. Fellows work together with natural and social science faculty as well as government agencies, NGOs, and community groups to develop dissertation questions that directed to environmental problems in Puerto Rico and beyond.

Benefits: $30,000/year for two years; $2,000 for travel and education materials; office, computer and software usage; reserved space in all special courses and workshops

Website: http://envsci.uprrp.edu/igert
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Contacts: Rafael Rios Davila PhD, Program Director rafaelrios00936@yahoo.com
Sheila Ward, Program Associate Director seward@hpcf.upr.edu

Colibrí Sanfiorenzo-Barnhard, Program Coordinator, uprrp.igert@gmail.com

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The University of Florida is offering several courses in Ecology & Conservation in the Tropics during 2013.  The UF in Belize program offers students an opportunity to earn  credit while studying throughout Belize.  Students spend their days learning with UF and local faculty, professionals, and students. The majority of each day is spent in the field examining wildlife and natural resource ecology, conservation, and field methods in a diversity of ecosystems.  The courses are open to UF and non-UF, undergraduate and graduate students.  Specific courses (both graduate and undergraduate credit through UF) include:

Wildlife Ecology & Conservation in the Tropics (3 cr.; 2-10 March 2013)
Field Methods in Ecology & Conservation in the Tropics (5 cr.; 6-20 May 201 3)
Marine Ecology & Conservation in the Tropics (3 cr.; 20-27 May 2013)
Internships in Ecology and Conservation in the Tropics (Variable cr.; any time)

All students must attend pre and post-travel classes during spring 2013 (distance learning is possible).

Information & applications:  http://www.wec.ufl.edu/belize/.  Enrollment is open and classes are limited to 10 students.

Program Director:
Bill Giuliano – docg@ufl.edu

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