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Thank you for supporting the Greenpeace Semester, Greenpeace’s environmental training program for young leaders. We’re excited about our accomplishments this year – we reached 400 students since the program’s start who have joined us for a semester to work on critical environmental issues and learn the skills to make real change.

Greenpeace Semester – Accepting Spring Applications Now

A semester with a global environmental organization: What will it look like?

  • Twelve weeks with a small group of peers immersed in creative projects, eye-opening discussions, engaging workshops, skills training, and real work to solve critical global environmental issues
  • Travel for three weeks to witness environmental destruction first hand and put your new knowledge to use
  • Learn the skills of environmental activism, effective communication, leadership, and strategic campaigning in a supportive environment
  • Live in Washington D.C. – access to monuments, museums, and close proximity to New York City, Philadelphia, and beautiful Shenandoah Valley
  • Form friendships that will last the rest of your life

Apply online by October 22 to receive $100 off tuition.

Questions?  Contact us at usa-semester@greenpeace.org.

For the planet,

Mary Sweeters
Director, Greenpeace Semester

P.S. Want to hear from a Greenpeace Semester alumnus about what you can do during and after the program?  Hear it straight from Greenpeace Researcher (Greenpeace Semester ’09) Connor Gibson. 


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We at GoEco are excited to present the following volunteer projects to students and faculty. out our programs below for more information, and visit http://www.goeco.org/ for all of our volunteer opportunities.


Sea turtle season is fast approaching in Costa Rica and volunteers are needed to ensure the survival of these magnificent sea creatures! Each season, the Costa Rica turtle program recruits volunteers to help in the research and conservation work, such as night patrolling, collecting eggs, and rescuing turtles.


Travel to Limpopo, South Africa, and immerse yourself in the diverse ecosystems of the region. Work at a rehabilitation center for many species of wildlife, specifically primates such as monkeys and baboons. The center provides shelter for the animals and nurses them back to health in order to reintroduce them to nature.

*Programs Include:*
● Accommodations in home-stays or with other volunteers
● Full board (3 meals per day)
● Exciting orientations (and a week of Spanish lessons in Costa Rica)
● Full pre-departure & in-country assistance, training, and support

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Looking for an Adventure this Summer?

Come Study Big Cats in South Africa

Come spend two weeks camping in Kruger National Park, South Africa participating in the Cat Research Project with the environmental education-focused non-profit group Raven Adventures. This trip is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience in the field using photo and video identification, learning and utilizing animal tracking techniques and collecting GPS data. The information gathered will be added to an ongoing database and census tracking the big cat populations within the park. In addition, this trip provides a chance to learn about low-impact living and our place in theenvironment as well as a chance to see a lot of cool animals in the wild.

First deposit is due January 1st to reserve your spot.

Trip dates are currently flexible. Anyone can apply. For more information visit www.ravenadventures.com South Africa for University Students.

If interested, please contact Dana Williams ’14 dmwilliams2@wellesley.edu or Colin Garland globalclassroom@crocker.com


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By locally building wind turbines, WINDAID provide clean and affordable electricity for communities in Peru who have no access to electricity.  They are based in Trujillo, North Peru, and together with volunteers build 2.5 kW wind turbines for small communities that are part of some 7 million people living in Peru with no access to electricity. Volunteers have the opportunity to experience the life and cultures in Peru and get to fully manufacture, assemble and install a wind turbine that is then given to a community or school which needs it most.

Participants do not need any pre-requisite skills or knowledge of wind turbines.  Practical experience with resin composites, carbon fiber, steel structure, electrical systems, aerodynamics, and many other disciplines are involved in the program.

The dates for upcoming projects are:

2011 (5 week program)

7th November – 9th December (limited space)


2012 (Please note that there are now 1, 2, and 4 week programs.)

1st Jan – 13th Jan (limited space)

25th Jan – 17th Feb (limited space)

18th Mar – 24th Mar (limited space)

25th Mar – 31st Mar (limited space)

9th Apr – 4th May (open)

21st May – 15th June (limited space)

30th Jul – 24th Aug (limited space)

4th Sep – 28th Sep (open)

8th Oct – 2nd Nov (open)

12th Nov – 7th Dec (open)

Our website is www.windaid.org, or please visit our Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/windaid.org) and take a look at photos of our past projects.



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Are you interested in renewable energy, wind turbines, environmental issues, development projects or simply volunteering your time to make a real difference in the world?

WindAid is a non-profit social responsibility organization based in Trujillo, Peru and we run environmental development projects building wind turbines for communities in Peru without access to electricity.

As a volunteer on one of our projects, you will be involved in building a wind turbine from scratch and then spend the final week of the program living with the community while you install the wind turbine. The program offers the opportunity to get involved in hands-on engineering, learn more about wind energy and international development projects or just experience life in another country. Volunteers do not need any previous skills, just an interest and enthusiasm for renewable energy or a desire to make a difference to the environment.

The dates for our upcoming programs are:

  •  26th September – 28th October 2011
  •  7th November – 9th December 2011
  •  30th January – 2nd March 2012
  •  26th March – 27th April 2012

Details of the cost (in US$) and what is and isn’t included can be found here (http://windaid.org/datesandcost.html)

For more information please visit our website (www.windaid.org) or Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/pages/VolunteerWindAid/373332947000)

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Azafady is a UK charity and Malagasy non-profit organization which has been working in response to local communities’ expressed needs on environmental, humanitarian and sustainable livelihoods projects in southeast Madagascar for over 15 years. We offer a limited number of opportunities to get involved in these projects for 2-10 weeks.

Our volunteer programs are award-winning, having been awarded the Responsible Tourism award for “Best Volunteering Organization” in 2007.  However Azafady is not just a volunteering organization; first and foremost we are a respected sustainable development NGO.  As such, by volunteering with us students gain valuable experience in the workings of a grassroots conservation and development NGO, in addition to the opportunity to learn about the many issues faced in developing countries first-hand and to make a genuine contribution to local communities and their environment.

Our 10-week Pioneer Programme, designed to give participants an all-round introduction to international development work starts on the 1st of July this summer, with teams also starting in January, April and October each year.

See our website for further details: http://www.azafadyusa.org/

You can also find Azafady on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AzafadyMadagascar, twitter: http://twitter.com/azafady and read all the latest news from our projects on the Azafady Blog: http://azafady.us/blog/

For more information regarding Azafady’s volunteer programmes, please feel free to contact us at our London office on +44(0)208 960 6629 or via email at info@azafadyusa.org


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MOAKS volunteer camp in Russian Far East

WWF Far East is looking for participants to two volunteer camps near Vladivostok in May and June. The main goal of the camps is the restoration of native conifer-broadleaf forests within the range of the Far Eastern leopard.

Camp dates:

7-28 May and 1-22 June. Length of stay can be varied somewhat in agreement with the camp organizers.

The work will mainly consist of planting Korean pine seedlings.

Living conditions will be either in a typical village home with an outhouse and a banya for bathing, or in a tourist base on the coast of the Sea of Japan near the village of Ryazanovka. Nearby are located two nature reserves – Kedrovaya Pad’ and the Far Eastern Maritime Reserve, information about which can be found at [ http://oopt.info/index.php?oopt=1238 ]http://oopt.info/index.php?oopt=1238 and [ http://oopt.info/index.php?oopt=1218 ]http://oopt.info/index.php?oopt=1218).

Volunteers participating in the project will pay for their own transport to Vladivostok, and also visa fees. Registration fees, food and lodging will be paid for from the budget of the MOAKS project. At the end of the work period it will be possible to organize excursions around Primorsky Province and the islands.

The Far Eastern office WWF will organize registration for volunteers. For this they need to apply for a tourist visa, because WWF cannot process business visas. If volunteers experience difficulty with this, the specialists of WWF are ready to help.

How to register:

Send an email to [ mailto:tigra@moaks.ru ]tigra@moaks.ru with the following information: name, dates of the camp – May or June, period of stay and some words about yourself. Deadlines for registrations are:  April 25th for the first camp and May 20th for the second camp.

You can get updated information about the camp by joining its Facebook group: [ http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_191789600855871&ap=1 ]http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_191789600855871&ap=1

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