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Position Description: The Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory is now taking applications for a halftime GIS/GPS Intern / halftime student in 2013.  We are looking for a student who has solid experience with GIS and/or GPS.  Experience with IT would be a plus.  Fifty percent of the intern’s time will be spent on several projects: 1) assisting the GIS/GPS Coordinator with training users to use handheld GEOXT GPS units, entering and reviewing metadata, downloading and post-processing files from GPS units, mapping sites, creating maps, and helping with other mapping related projects, 2) overseeing upkeep and troubleshooting of the Barclay computer lab, and 3) occasionally assisting with the maintenance of sensors at permanent weather stations at remote sites.  The remaining fifty percent of the intern’s time will be spent on an Independent Research Project OR a short course and a smaller independent research project.  The research project could be focused on field biology or, alternatively, it could be a mapping/GIS project.

Conditions: We are looking for someone who is not afraid of hard work and has a sincere interest in GPS and GIS.  The intern must be detail-oriented, skilled with computers, and be familiar with GIS software. The chosen student will work an average of 20 hours/week on GIS and GPS projects, computer lab upkeep, and weather station assistance, and an average of 20 hours/week on their independent project and/or short course.

Dates and Cost: This program runs from approximately June 9 to August 16 (10 weeks).  The total Educational Fee for the summer is $5100.  RMBL covers half this fee, as the student is a half-time intern.  The student is responsible for the other half of this fee:  $2550.  The educational fee covers Room, Meals, and Station Fees for a total of 10 weeks (maximum) plus tuition for 5 credits of Independent Research.  The student is responsible for parking fees, laundry fees, and other miscellaneous expenses.  The student will be reimbursed $200 for travel expenses.

To apply: To apply for this internship, complete the online application to our educational program.  Go to www.rmbl.org  and follow the link for ‘Students’

When choosing your Courses, please explain that you’re applying for the GIS/GPS Internship.  For the essay portion of the application, please include a description of your experience and interests and how that relates to the described position.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.  We will choose an intern by early April, 2013.

Questions: please contact the Science Director Dr. Jennifer Reithel (sd@rmbl.org)


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Position Description: The Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory is now taking applications for an Invasive Plant Intern in 2013. We are looking for a student interested in invasive plant management and plant restoration. The intern’s duties will include: 1) assisting with ongoing experiments to control the spread of Canada Thistle, Smooth Brome, and Yellow Toadflax; 2) active management of invasive plants by manual removal and spot applications of herbicides; 3) transplanting plants and collecting and sowing seed to restore native plants to disturbed sites;  4)coordination of adult volunteers as they help
with weed management; 5) using GPS equipment to map invasive plants; and 6) assisting in revegetation of disturbed areas.Conditions: We are looking for someone who is not afraid of hard work and has a sincere interest in active management of invasive plants. The chosen student will work an average of 40 hours/week on invasive plant management, research, and revegetation.

Dates: This program runs from approximately June 9 to August 16, 2013 (10 weeks); start and end dates are flexible.

Benefits and Cost: Housing, meals, and station fees, will be provided. In addition, $200 is available for travel expense reimbursement.  The student is responsible for any parking fees, if he/she has a car and other miscellaneous expenses such as laundry or store charges incurred during the summer.

To apply: To apply for this internship, complete the online application to our educational program. Go to:  www.rmbl.org and follow the link for ‘students’.

When choosing your Courses, please explain that you’re applying for the Invasive Plant Internship. For the essay portion of the application, please include a description of your interest in invasive plant research, management, revegetation and/or working with volunteers.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. We plan to choose an intern by early April, 2013.

Questions: please contact the Science Director Dr. Jennifer Reithel (sd@rmbl.org)

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The Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI), a US non-profit organization, UK and Cayman Islands charity, has openings in our Coral Reef Internship in Marine Ecology and Conservation program for students who want to excel in Coral Reef science and develop hands-on skills in Research, Marine Ecology and Conservation.

Applications close March 1st for this unique opportunity to:
– be a part of solving real-life conservation issues
– conduct field research alongside leading Scientists
– develop an individual research project
– gain course credit in Marine Ecology and Conservation (4 course credits Rutgers Univ. Inst. of Marine & Coastal Sci.)
– and gain diving / snorkelling experience for research on one the Caribbean’s top ranked coral reefs.

Course dates: Saturday 29th June – Tuesday July 16th

Location: Little Cayman Research Centre, Little Cayman Island, Cayman Islands, Caribbean

To apply go to http://www.reefresearch.org/ccmi_website/edufield/edufield_02.htm

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The Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Program is a workforce development initiative offered through the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and New England Clean Energy Council (NECEC) that focuses on enhancing the talent pipeline for Massachusetts companies engaged in the clean energy industry. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Program facilitates the placement of students and recent graduates who are considering career opportunities in clean energy through paid summer internships across the state. Consistent with the MassCEC and NECEC’s role as a catalyst in growing the talent needed by the clean energy industry, the Internship Program is designed to provide students and companies with the tools to connect, and the MassCEC will reimburse eligible companies for intern stipends.
Objectives of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Program:

Provide the clean energy community with a talented pool of young professionals;
Enable students to gain significant career opportunities in a challenging economic environment;
Enable clean energy companies to mentor students and provide internship opportunities; across a broader spectrum of student background;
Support the need for greater diversity in our clean energy workforce;
Provide a peer network of students interested in working in clean energy;
Student Qualifications

1. Must attend, or have attended: The college or university you attend(ed) must be located in Massachusetts. Or, if you attend(ed) a college or university outside of Massachusetts, you must be a Massachusetts resident and be able to present proof of residency; and
2. Eligible students must meet one of the following:
(a) Students must have completed or will complete at least their sophomore  year of college the semester before the internship, or have graduated within the past year. Therefore, your year of graduation must be 2011, 2012, 2013, or 2014.
(b) If a student attends or attended a community college (or 2?year associate program), the student must have or will complete an associate’s degree or certificate program, in 2011 or 2012.
(c) Graduate students must have completed or will complete a Master’s Degree program after 2010. Post Doctorate candidates are not eligible.
For more information, and to apply, click here.

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Brief overview: For four decades, the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) plays a pivotal role in shaping the fields of environmental law, policy, and management, both domestically and internationally. 
Position: ELI seeks individuals to support the research and publications departments of the Institute. Interns work directly with staff attorneys, editors, scientists, and economists on a variety of projects. Substantive areas of focus include: land use policy, public participation in environmental regulation, biodiversity, air quality, public health, hazardous waste and brownfields, wetlands and watershed policy, international environmental policy, armed conflict and the environment, environmental management systems, and environmental enforcement.
Interns conduct library and internet research, attend and repord on outside events, analyze, edit, and synthesize scholarly material, assist with preparation for environmental training courses, and perform various administrative tasks. ELI integrates interns into the day-to-day operations of the institute, and interns are encouraged to attend ELI policy events and meetings.
Positions throughout the academic year (min 15 hr/week) and summer (full-time)
Superior research, writing, and interpersonal communication skills
Strong desire to gain knowledge of the environmental field
Strong academic background, specific environmental experience not mandatory
Must have completed freshman year of college
To apply, please send a cover letter explaining interest and availability, resume (include overall GPA), and 3-5 page analytical writing sample to:
Intern Coordinator
Environmental Law Institute
2000 L Street, NW, Suite 620
Washington, D.C. 20036

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Natick, MA

The Foundation for MetroWest connects philanthropic opportunity with demonstrated need in MetroWest. We promote philanthropy in the region, help donors maximize the impact of their local giving, serve as a resource for local nonprofit organizations and enhance the quality of life for all of our citizens.
The Foundation is seeking a college intern to build our environmental program. The ideal candidate will work at our office in South Natick to develop new programs to bring together local stakeholders on regional environmental needs and challenges. The intern will work on a project to identify and create a database of all local organizations, municipal staff and community/municipal leaders, and local land protection organizations focused on protecting and advocating for local watersheds, lakes, and ponds. The intern will also help develop programs and strategies to convene local citizens and organizations to share best practices and educate the community on environmental issues.
  • Strong interest in local environmental management
  • Excellent research and database management
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Creative thinking, collaborative spirit, attention to detail and a joy in learning and sharing!
Send cover letter and resume to info@foundationmetrowest.org

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The Watershed Stewardship Program will hire approximately 20 Watershed Stewards in the summer of 2012 to educate visitors to boat ramps across the Adirondack Park and inspect watercraft for aquatic invasive species.  Memorial Day to Labor Day (some flexibility about end dates to accommodate students returning to college).  Please visit this link: http://www.paulsmiths.edu/offices/hr/jobs/2012%20Watershed%20Steward.pdf

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